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  • 30 Year Fixed Refinance Mortgage Rates

    If you are refinancing for your existing mortgage, 30 year fixed refinance rates is one of the best options. As a general rule, 30 year fixed rates are lower than rates for other loan configurations, helping you to reduce your existing interest rates as well as the long term overall cost of your mortgage.

    Finding Today’s Lowest Rates

    To find today’s lowest 30 year fixed refinance mortgage rates, consult with a mortgage broker or loan specialist in your area. An experienced mortgage expert can evaluate your current situation, your current rates, and general trends in the existing market to determine what the best loan rates are for your home. With the right refinancing arrangement, you can greatly reduce your monthly payments, making it possible to restructure your finances so that they are easier to manage.

    Advantages of Refinancing

    In addition to reducing monthly payments, a refinance mortgage can reduce the amount you will pay for your home over the life of your loan. With each mortgage payment, the typical homeowner pays more toward the interest than toward the principle of the loan. Lower interest rates can shift this balance so that more of your money goes toward actually paying off your home loan.


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    Advantages of a 30 Year Loan

    Not only are 30 yr loan rates typically lower than other mortgages, they are also more stable. For example, a mortgage with variable rates can increase drastically according to overall interest rates being charge on the housing market. This kind of drastic change can cause your mortgage payments to become unmanageable. With a 30 year loan, however, your interest rate will not change for the length of the loan, providing predictability and stability that can help you manage your finances more easily.


    As with any mortgage loan, refinance loan or other financial arrangement, it is important to evaluate all the elements of the contract. With mortgage loans, be sure to determine what the closing cost of the loan will be. Also be sure to factor in any other expenses to determine your refinance loan is the best arrangement for you.


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