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  • Minnesota (MN) Refinance & Mortgage Overview

    Homeowners shopping for refinance mortgage rates in Minnesota have a variety of options. Fluctuations in interest rates motivate many people to go back to the lender. Refinancing can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on an individual’s home each year. Borrowers with the best credit and those with the lowest can choose among many refinancing possibilities.


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    Factors affecting refinance interest rates

    Minnesota refinance ratesThe government manipulates financing rates to help stimulate the economy. The adjusted percentage points will help counteract inflation or deflation. On the street, this means home buying and refinancing increases with a decrease in current interest rates. A no cost loan will carry higher rates to compensate for the upfront payment the lender did not receive. A refinance on a home worth 20% more than the loan amount may qualify for good rates and no closing costs. Mortgage companies may allow a borrower to buy down points on a loan. One point equals one percent on a mortgage. A $100,000 mortgage would cost $1,000 per point. Buying down percentage points reduces the interest rate. For example, a 7% rate would drop to 5% if a borrower had the option to pay down 2 points.

    Types of loans

    Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac loans offer discounted opportunities for qualifying borrowers. Depending on the home and mortgage type, a buyer may qualify for a loan from the Fair Housing Act (FHA), Rural Development (RD) from the USDA, or Veteran’s Administration (VA). A homeowner may opt to get a second mortgage in addition to the primary home loan. However, banks may foreclose on a second mortgage easier and often charge a higher interest rate. Buyers save thousands of dollars by refinancing the primary mortgage along with any home equity loans.

    Differences in loan length

    A 15-year loan’s interest rates may not be as low as 30 year refinance rates. However, a buyer who gets a 30-year loan and pays it off in 15 years enjoys the best of both options. Early repayment can save more than half of the final purchase price. Lenders make more profit over a longer period even at lower refinance mortgage rates. Rates in Minnesota invite buyers to consider refinancing and pocket the savings.


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