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    Poised to help inform you about available refinancing options, USAA is a company completely competitive with standard markets. Comparing options reveal refinance rates that are conventional, adjustable and often backed by VA loans. As with any lender, an appraisal is always required, along with credit checks and proof of income. The service is focused on our military personnel; officers, soldiers and their families. According to the company, cash-outs can be paid or, if you seek refinance because you have run into trouble, a loan officer will evaluate your situation and let you know your loan re-structuring options. USAA works in full co-operation with the current federal government programs.

    Working to keep mortgages and refinance rates affUSAA Mortgage refinance ratesordable

    This full-service financial institution was organized to serve our greatest patriots; veterans, active military members and their families can all utilize these services. USAA mortgage products include but are not limited to insurance policies and investment options. Established in 1922 in San Antonio, Texas, the company has expanded to serve at least 77 million service members in this country. USAA is not a publicly traded company. The company asserts to answer only to its members. Only members can participate in the programs USAA offers. Thirty-year mortgage rates are accompanied by fifteen-year finance rates for fixed mortgages.

    Home Equity and “Jumbo” Loans

    Adjustable rate mortgages are offered at a five year fixed term. USAA offers low interest rates on adjustable rate mortgage programs. They also offer what they refer to as “jumbo loans” that host rates following market value. This applies to loans over $417,000. Pre-approval processes can be viewed at the website: usaa.com. Once pre-approval is accomplished and a purchase contract is in place, the website applicant can complete the process toll-free by telephone. USAA also offers home equity loans.


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    Competitive Interest Rates and HELOC

    Two loan programs are offered. One is considered by the markets as a “standard” equity loan similar to refinancing, only with an option for a cash-out. In this form it happens as a second loan. The low interest of this loan rate can be a short term repayment. The second loan program is more commonly known as “HELOC”, or Home Equity Line Of Credit. This process makes it possible to access the accrued equity or pre-approved loan amount when most needed. FHA loan qualifications are not unusual and interest is only charged on amounts currently in use.


    Because USAA listens to its members and works to make sure they are not being left behind in this highly charged and changing housing and loan market, this company seems committed to service and support for those invested in them. Working to remain competitive, the organization clearly respects its mission and works to improve on results. After review of the refinance rates, the mortgage rates and home equity loans we can see that competitive measures keep interest rates low and lines of credit available. FHA loans with fifteen year finance rates and thirty year mortgage rates are made available. This does seem to be a company geared for service.

    Here To Serve our Military

    In a climate where our service personnel need all the support and understanding we can find, this company appears to be a good investment for those of us wishing to make certain our service patriots and their families are cared for properly.


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